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Jenna Tyrangel
ISTC 201 – Using Information Effectively
Section 201.015

Final "Exam"
Please answer the following questions in a paragraph or two and include the file in your personal wiki page. I would prefer that you do your “essay” in Word, then copy and paste directly to your wiki page - not attach this as a separate file. This constitutes your “final exam.”

1. We have used technology tools in this class to conduct research and produce work. We have also discussed the roles that technology is playing in everyday life and in education. Think ahead about 5 – 6 years; by that time most of you will have graduated and entered the workforce, the majority becoming educators. How do you see that technology will influence your teaching and student learning? Do you think that more classes will be offered online? What possibilities do you see to expand learning opportunities for students?

The future will inevitably bring about even more advanced technology than what is so common today. We have learned that some schools have already standardized access to individual laptops, in hope that technological training of students at a young age will prepare them for future success in society. As people grow even more advanced with technology, it is likely that more classes will become available online. I predict that technological advancements with computers will promote unlimited assistance and guidance for students, and thus, improve their academics.

2. What did you expect from this class? How did the course meet or not meet your expectations?

I got more out of this class than I had expected to. I learned so much! Prior to taking this course, I was aware that there are technological advancements. However, now I am more familiar with them. I really value my new knowledge of working with __**www.wikispaces.com**__. Another aspect I really appreciate being familiar with is how to write proper research papers based upon research and journal articles.

3. I stressed the importance of conducting research then using the findings to make decisions about educational procedures/strategies/issues. Did you learn anything about this process that you feel has made an impression on you?

Yes, absolutely! Since I am a psychology major, I choice to research factors that effect self-concept, hoping that my findings might be beneficial to my field of interest. They were!

4. What will you take away with you in terms of conducting research and preparing a research paper? Do you feel that you have strengthened your skills in writing a research paper? If so, how? If not, how could the course materials/instruction have better met your needs?

I am SO happy that we focused so intensely on locating search articles and constructing research papers. It enabled me to feel confident when I was required to do the same thing for two other courses I took this semester. I feel that this course is truly responsible for strengthening my skill in writing research papers efficiently.

5. What are your thoughts about the wiki experience? Do you think wikis could be an effective technology tool for education?

I really like the wiki experience and enjoyed becoming familiar with it. It is a wonderful technology tool and has made me more familiar with current forms of technology. I will keep it in mind the next time I construct a project.

6. This course is a general education requirement for ALL undergraduate students at Towson. Do you agree with this course requirement? Why or why not?

I completely agree with this course in that it prepares students to be able to use technological equipment efficiently for when they are teachers themselves and have classrooms of their own.

Reflecting upon your learning (known as “metacognition” or recognizing how you learn and what you’ve learned) is an important activity because it makes you more aware of what you actually have learned and how you learned the material.

Thank you all for your participation and patience this semester. I wish you continued success in your educational careers, and most of all, a restful and relaxing holiday break.

THANK YOU! You are wonderful, Professor Woods! It was a great semester!

Though I know the Background section was not required on my Wikipage, I am including it because I went over your comments. I resubmitted it via blackboard but I figured it cannot hurt to include it here too.