This is my personal Wikispace for the ISTC 201 class. This site will contain a portfolio of all the work I have done throughout the semester plus the written final for the class.

Online Portfolio:

Final Exam Questions:

1. We have used technology tools in this class to conduct research and produce work. We have also discussed the roles that technology is playing in everyday life and in education. Think ahead about 5 – 6 years; by that time most of you will have graduated and entered the workforce, the majority becoming educators. How do you see that technology will influence your teaching and student learning? Do you think that more classes will be offered online? What possibilities do you see to expand learning opportunities for students?

I feel like technology will be a normal part of the school day and more and more courses will be offered online for students. Technology opens a lot of doors for students. For example when I was in high school there was not a teacher that could/wanted to teach an AP Biology class so they offered it online for students interested. I feel like eventually the technology offered at a university will be offered to high school students. Blackboard will be a regular part of high school lesson plans and high school will eventually become more and more like college.

2. What did you expect from this class? How did the course meet or not meet your expectations?

Im a senior and this is a research based class. I knew all the techniques before I took the class so I didn't really expect to learn anything from this class. Though I already know how to write a research paper Professor Wood did a good job explaining the different techniques and relating it to teaching.

3. I stressed the importance of conducting research then using the findings to make decisions about educational procedures/strategies/issues. Did you learn anything about this process that you feel has made an impression on you?

Like I stated in question 2 I already knew everything one would need to know about how to write a research paper.

4. What will you take away with you in terms of conducting research and preparing a research paper? Do you feel that you have strengthened your skills in writing a research paper? If so, how? If not, how could the course materials/instruction have better met your needs?

Writing this particular research paper has taught me how to use the APA format. As a double major in International studies and german I have only used MLA and chicago format. Professor Wood made sure we knew exactly how to use this format by going over it during class and having links available on the blackboard page.

5. What are your thoughts about the wiki experience? Do you think wikis could be an effective technology tool for education?

Using the wikispace was new for me. I had never heard of it before taking this class. It is a different way of presenting information and I think students are getting tired of powerpoint and notecards. I think it could be an effective technology tool for education because the wikispace opens up the door to multiple different methods of presenting information. For example, in my group two of us used youtube clips in our section and two others used a tool that allows you to present information on a virtual poster board. I like the wikispace idea.

6. This course is a general education requirement for ALL undergraduate students at Towson. Do you agree with this course requirement? Why or why not?

I feel this class should be a requirement but should be a requirement for freshman. This class is a good basis for research that every student should know. I wish I would have taken this class as a freshman. Writing research papers would have been a lot easier and I wouldn't of had to figure things out on my own.