This is my personal wiki page that includes links to a few course assignments which I have done this semester, in which I learned a lot.

  1. We have used technology tools in this class to conduct research and produce work. We have also discussed the roles that technology is playing in everyday life and in education. Think ahead about 5 – 6 years; by that time most of you will have graduated and entered the workforce, the majority becoming educators. How do you see that technology will influence your teaching and student learning? Do you think that more classes will be offered online? What possibilities do you see to expand learning opportunities for students?

I think that in five to six years technology will make a huge difference in the classroom. I can see every classroom having a smartboard instead of a chalk or whiteboard, meaning all teachers lesson plans and such will be online instead of handwritten. Also, I see students work being more electronic as well. For example, I think that things such as blackboard for college students will be integrated into high school and other grade schools. I believe that more classes in college will be offered online because of their connivence and the increase in demand for more classes to be open so that more people can take them. I think that technology will create more learning opportunities for students in that having the internet at hand gives them the ability to learn and teach themselves more. The amount of information offered online can be a huge influence to help students learn more things on their own.

2. What did you expect from this class? How did the course meet or not meet your expectations?

I expected to learn about present topics and issues in education in this class. This course met my expectations and exceeded them. I really enjoyed how the class was open conversation and people could contribute as much to the conversations as they wished. I also enjoyed how the assignments assigned throughout the semester were in regards to the final paper. I think that it helped make the paper a lot easier to write and also helped in that the professor was able to edit and give suggestions to help the paper succeed. I also enjoyed that everything was submitted online.

3. I stressed the importance of conducting research then using the findings to make decisions about educational procedures/strategies/issues. Did you learn anything about this process that you feel has made an impression on you?

I learned a lot about this process. This is the first time I have ever written a research paper and I found that looked at numerous sources to find information, whether it be a research study or simple definitions and stories, it can really shape your view on the issue. As time consuming that searching through research is, I think it is beneficial and really educates you further on the topic at hand.

4. What will you take away with you in terms of conducting research and preparing a research paper? Do you feel that you have strengthened your skills in writing a research paper? If so, how? If not, how could the course materials/instruction have better met your needs?

I think that I have strengthened my skills in conducting and writing a research paper remarkably. I have never written one and the thought of writing it scared me tremendously. I learned the dynamics of the paper, and where and how to find the information that goes into each section.

5. What are your thoughts about the wiki experience? Do you think wikis could be an effective technology tool for education?

I think that the wikis were a great idea. It was a fun way to put information together because you basically got to create your own webpage. I think its an effective way to create group projects via the internet, and also a good way to show information to a class.

6. This course is a general education requirement for ALL undergraduate students at Towson. Do you agree with this course requirement? Why or why not?

I agree with this as a course requirement for general education. I am not an education major but a graphic design major and I took this class as a gen ed. I don’t believe that anything we learned in this class is categorized to simply just be used in education. We discussed many issues in education yes, but general discussion of issues I think is beneficial to learning because you hear input from other people. Also this class helped develop my writing skills. Like I said previously, before this class I had never written a research paper. This class not only broke down how to write one but overall helped me become a better writer.