This is my personal wiki page which contains information from the past semester. The information includes what I have learned in class including APA citation format and research.

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Final Paper

In five or six years I think classrooms will include much more technology. The board that was used in your classroom (I do not remember the name) will likely be put into the classrooms of many elementary school classrooms. I have already seen these boards in special schools, like schools for the deaf, and I think they are a great tool. Students are already starting to bring laptops to class, and the number of students do think will likely grow to have the majority of students taking notes on their personal computer instead of by hand. I think there will be more online courses offered, although I believe the main form of educating will be in a sit down classroom. I think the use of personal computer will help children become more organized. I also think the skills they learn by using a computer as a child will help them when they go into the workforce because work is becoming increasingly computerized and on the internet. I think that all teachers should utilize the best and most affective technology to teach their students and so this technology would hopefully influence teaching in a positive more efficient way. I do not plan to become a teacher but I can see technology affecting the field of public relations and deaf culture. Already deaf people have smart phones that communicate by text and can even speak typed words for them. In the future they will probably have an online interpreter. Public relations uses social media and email to reach people. In the future, there will probably be new methods of reaching people.

I expected to learn APA format from this class. We talked about APA format in the class a lot. As my learning styles test taught me, I do better with something right in front of me. It would have been nice to have paper in front of me to review APA format. I have learned a lot more about APA format which is great but I still feel like I am missing some parts. I still get confused about certain things. I did however learn a lot about how to use the sources that the library provides. I learned a lot about how to research and how to use that research. I also learned a lot about plagiarism I did not know before such as the difference between summarizing and paraphrasing. I will take my skills of researching with me from this class as well as formatting a professional study. I have definitely strengthened my skills in writing a research paper. I also liked the wiki spaces. I thought they were fun and good to use with education. I think this is a good basic class to take because you write a lot of papers in college and this class teaches how to do it correctly.