This is my personal page which contains links to course assignments that demonstrate skills I learned this semester!!

“Final Exam”
In the branch of education that I desire to go into, I don’t see myself using so much technology. I will be a music educator which will involve a lot of hands on material. I know that if I am to use technology for anything in the classroom, it may be at home assignments to make sure that my students understand how to read music/ make music/ play/sing. I know there are computer programs for that so students can turn in things they have recorded online. I don’t think more classes can really be offered online unless they are musicianship classes. But that involves a policy of no cheating/using someone else’s voice or autotuning. I expected what I got from this class: a lot of paper work that tested if I knew how to gain research material effectively. If I have learned anything in this process of conducting research, it is: Research. Research. Research. Then research some more. The bare minimum isn’t enough when it comes to researching for a topic. I’m not sure I strengthened my skills necessarily. I am not a fan of research papers. So all in all, it honestly felt like busy work. But that is just my personal opinion. The instructor/materials were great. I am really just not a fan of writing research papers. I am sure that others took away some good things. I only felt that this was a gen ed I needed to take. The wiki experience is a way to make things personal for students and I like that. It allows students to tap in to their creative side and enjoy what they are researching and learning about.

I don’t think this class should be required of every student at Towson. I suppose I’m more of a “conservatory” type of person. I think that if one isn’t going to be writing research papers for the rest of their life, they shouldn’t have to take a course on how to write a research paper. I think that one should only have to take courses that have to do with their major. Gen ed requirements feel like the college’s way of taking more money. We, as students, should be able to take courses that only have to do with our major unless we are undecided. Then we should check out the different classes. Also, I think that because so many people are exposed to technology now, unless they are seriously confused about how to use it, they shouldn’t have to take a course on it. Our society is brought up knowing what a library is, a computer, a book, a phone. And it should be our choice on using it and researching. I think that if it doesn’t have to do with our major, we shouldn’t be required to take it.