Technology will make it easier to help students learn and make the concepts easier to related to because it will give a fresh and new perspective on the topics. I think more classes will be offered online because of the ease level. I think students will be able to do more then just study because technology will allow them to do more. From this class I expected to learn about education and how to research productively and yes I believe I have learned more about the educational field and about researching. I think research and give credit to those whose work you are using as support for your own claims is something that is very important and must be done carefully. I feel that my strength in writing a research paper has grown because I learn how to use my resources here at Towson. The wiki experience was a new way to do a group project and I think things like this I will use because the wiki was a fun and different way to do a presentation. Yes because learning how to d research is a very important skill.