Final Exam

After graduation, though I won’t become an educator, technology will greatly influence my workforce. I hope to become a Marketing Manager and in the advertising and marketing industry technology advancement is very important. Keeping up with various forms of mediums is essential to reaching out to consumers. Although I am not going into education, I do believe that technology will influence the future of teaching. Teachers must adapt their lessons to their students and because the internet is becoming a mass medium, teachers are encouraged to incorporate these technological advancements in the classrooms.
This course did not meet my expectations. I believed this course to be a structured course on how to write a report using the topic of education. However, this class was much more than that it involved class discussions and introduced this idea of our dependence on technology. The course taught me how to research properly in Cook Library and apply the research to an issue in education. Not only has this information helped me in the course but it will also help me in the long run, when I need to apply research to another topic. The wiki group project also introduced an alternative to presenting research through a more interesting medium. I think the wiki could be used as an effective tool in education to help students learn through interactivity.
In conclusion, I find this class to be overall beneficial. Though I am not an education Major, I think this idea of learning how to research properly and write a paper is important and should be a general education requirement.