When was the last time you heard someone say, "The bad part about having a cell phone is that people can contact you wherever you are, that can get really annoying..." ("Kids discuss". 2005)

How many people do you know that are anything like this... "Until I was in 7th grade, I didn't have a computer and my family valued books a lot. I have walls of books in my house, so for research projects I was usually able to just get a book and type it on my typewriter. By the time I was 12, I read my whole library."? ("Kids discuss", 2005)

Technology Timeline
· 97% of the 210,000 teens [grades 7-12] surveyed found advanced technology to be a very important
part of their education.
· 83% of these teens believed that a loss of this technology would take a toll on their academic success.
(Whelan, 2004)

· roughly 87% [21 million] of teens ages 12-17 used the internet.
· 51% [11 million] of these teens used the internet as a daily resource in other areas of their life:
ü communication purposes- IM or email
ü entertainment-games
ü seek health information
ü receive news
ü make purchase
ü download music (Lenhart, Hitlin & Madden, 2005)
· 81% of teens ages 12-17 claimed to own at least one personal advance electronic device such as cell
phones, lap tops or digital planners/palms
· 45% of teenagers own a cell phone while 33% of them are texting. (Lenhart et al., 2005)

· In 2007, the amount of teens that internet used the internet increased to 93%, from the 87% in 2005.
(Brynko, 2007)
· 94% of this teen population had parents also using the internet.
· 71% rely on advanced technology, claiming it makes their everyday tasks easier. (Brynko, 2007)

· According to the recent Kaiser Family Foundation study done in 2009, youth ages 8 to 18 spend more
than seven and a half hours a day using a smart phone, computer, television or other electronic device
· young people spend an average of two hours each day taking in media through handheld
electronic devices (Lewin, 2010).
· Victoria Rideout, a Kaiser vice president who is lead author of the study, expressed how quickly
popular technology is evolving, “One of the hot topics today is Twitter,” she says, “but when we
first went into the field and began interviewing, Twitter didn’t [even] exist.”

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