Hello, my name is Raul Ceballos. These are files that demonstrate the variety of skills I have learned over the course of the Fall semester in ISTC 201.

1. We have used technology tools in this class to conduct research and produce work. We have also discussed the roles that technology is playing in everyday life and in education. Think ahead about 5 – 6 years; by that time most of you will have graduated and entered the workforce, the majority becoming educators. How do you see that technology will influence your teaching and student learning? Do you think that more classes will be offered online? What possibilities do you see to expand learning opportunities for students?

I do feel that technology will take over a vast amount of our communication, but I do not see it as a replacement for real live teachers anytime soon. I think research will be a lot easier for students in the future and they will have many more resources available to them in a much quicker time as opposed to 10 years ago, when people still used hand held copies of books and other things.

2. What did you expect from this class? How did the course meet or not meet your expectations?

All I really expected was how to use different types of resources on the web and how to perfect our word processing skills. I felt that the course did meet my expectations because it showed me many ways to find information on the internet and how to properly cite things o I will not get in trouble.

3. I stressed the importance of conducting research then using the findings to make decisions about educational procedures/strategies/issues. Did you learn anything about this process that you feel has made an impression on you?

I learned that just experimenting with an educational strategy is not a good idea and that looking at the research before implementing such a strategy can save me a lot of hardship.

4. What will you take away with you in terms of conducting research and preparing a research paper? Do you feel that you have strengthened your skills in writing a research paper? If so, how? If not, how could the course materials/instruction have better met your needs?

I do feel that it strengthened my researching skills because now I know how to properly cite materials in APA format and what really to look for when I am doing research on a subject.

5. What are your thoughts about the wiki experience? Do you think wikis could be an effective technology tool for education?

Wikis could definitely be a tool for education because it is a very creative experience.

6. This course is a general education requirement for ALL undergraduate students at Towson. Do you agree with this course requirement? Why or why not?

I do agree with this course requirement because in this day and age, information is flowing everywhere and it is a good skill to cite this information properly so that any discovery that is made in the future will not be discredited because of one lapse in citation formatting.