My name is Kaylin Carroll. The files below are work I completed in the Fall 2010 ISTC 201 course with Ms. Wood.

Final Exam

1. 1. I think technology with influence my teaching because I will use the Internet to get information from. In regards to the student learning, I would expect my students to use the Internet for projects and to help them with their work. I do think that more classes will be offered online but there will also be the option to actually go to a class because an online course is not ideal for everyone. I see in the future that students will be able to turn in their work online to the teachers, and it would be easier than an email for them to turn in their work; like the digital drop box.
2. What I expected from this class was to enhance my knowledge about education in all different aspects. This class as most definitely met my expectations because what we did is what I hoped we would accomplish in this class.
3. I feel like I’ve improved in my abilities to conduct research and use it effectively because it was an essential part of this class so I got a lot of practice in it.
4. In terms of writing a research paper I never knew how to write a good research paper before. After taking this class I will take the information I have learned about writing a research paper and use it for years to come. I feel like I have improved on my skills writing a research paper because I had never written one before so I did not know the proper way to write one and this class taught me how to.
5. I liked the wiki space I thought I was a really fun project to do. In terms of using it as a tool for education I think it’s a great way for students to have to conduct research and really learn about a topic in order to make a good wiki space.
6. I do agree with this course requirement specifically in terms of writing a research paper because it really informs you in how to write a proper research paper.