When I look ahead 5-6 years I see myself not just as a mother but as a teacher as well. I believe that from seeing how fast technology has been improving that it will be a lot different down the road. I think it will help teachers do better. As a student now I see myself find things easier in this class than any other class because we use technology so much. Such as blackboard, I find it very helpful to use it and I know I have access to all work just with one click. In other classes I have books and notes and information all over which makes it harder for me. I think more classes should and will be offered online. I took an online class second semester freshman year, and I think it was my best class at Towson yet. I gave myself specific times a day to do work for that class and I was given work in advanced to when it was due. If it was necessary to meet with my teacher, he was available for me right away.
I didn’t really picture what we would do in this class, but I did expect to be using the computer a lot. This course definitely met my expectations for what I thought with the computer. I am happy how it turned out with blackboard, and drop box. I thought it was good to use digitial dropbox, for example, if a student is home sick but something is due, they are able to just send it online rather than have to find a way to get it to class or have it marked as late. I have one teacher who only lets us submit one assignment online for the whole semester. I thought this was unfair, but I know that is her way of teaching. I think the way we found research then used that for our procedures has taught me. For the research paper I think the steps we took made it easier for me to write the paper at the end. I was so stressed over the paper and when I realized I had most of the categories for the paper done already, it relieved some of my stress. I think that this class helped me improve my research skills and I will always remember the websites that were given to us to find out information.
When the wiki was first brought up I had absolutely no idea how to work it. I found it very difficult and it gave me anxiety whenever I would go on it. Once I got familiar with the website I started to get the hang of things. I think that it would be a good website to use in classes. I would rather do a wikispace in class instead of a powerpoint. I think it is cool how it is made and anyone in your group is able to edit and work on the project. This would help when a group in a class can never get together to work together. They can talk online or over the phone and each do their own part on the wiki.
I believe that this class should be a general education requirement. It helps a student learn how to find research and write a paper. I think it has helped me write a better research paper than I used to.